Audience testing shouldn't be a black box.

Harness attention tracking and emotion analysis to understand your audiences' reactions

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Content Testing

Create the most impactful content. Start your online and offline campaigns with the confidence that it resonates with your audience.

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Audience Discovery

Discover new audiences. Test against multiple groups and know exactly which audience best resonates with your message.

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User Experience Testing

Create delightful products by knowing where your users are looking and what they are feeling.

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Testing with your audience shouldn't be a black box.

Transparent results

Take the guesswork away from A/B testing. Know not just how your content performs but why to improve your ad performance.

Dedicated community & platform

Our amazing community has been carefully vetted to represent diverse groups of audiences.

Actionable insights

Whether it's choosing the right design, targeting the right audience, or knowing where to improve your content, you'll have the deep insights you need to make your decision.

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